Welcome to Edap.org. Are you struggling with bulimia, binge eating or emotional eating? These eating disorders lead many people to weight gain and obesity. Here you will learn how to fight an Eating Disorder  with the help of an Approved weight loss Program (EDAP).


Nutrisystem Fights Eating Disorders with Healthy Meals

An eating disorder can be a serious affliction. Millions of men and women struggle with eating disorders nationally and on a global scale. Having an eating disorder can take over your life, and the unhealthy relationship with weight and with food can be very difficult to overcome. Someone with an eating disorder can become fixated on losing weight, working out, and especially with not eating food or finding a way to purge it once they have consumed it. People can even eat too much. Therapy can help individuals with eating disorders, as can clinics. Packaged meals delivered to your doorstep can also be a helpful tool that is used in recovery or as part of recovering that can vastly help someone get the right nutrition and work their way back to a healthier relationship with eating. A meal plan that is supplemented with vitamins and healthy products from Vitacost can aid substantially toward this direction, as well. This site has a Vitacost promo code and a lot of information about the good nutrition.

Packaged meal systems like Nutrisystem and Bistro MD can help many individuals who are struggling with emotional eating on a frequent or even daily basis. Emotional eating often gets less attention than other eating disorders, but is still a form of disordered eating that affects thousands of people. This type of eating is a common problem affecting teenagers especially, which can cause weight gain as well as other eating disorders to develop. Emotional eating joins binge eating in the list of disorders that are becoming common (or at least less hidden) and are garnering more awareness. Teens and adults both have to deal with a lot of pressures and multiple sources of stress that can lead to them feeling overwhelmed and turning to food for support. Emotional eating involves turning to food when you are feeling one or multiple emotions and using that to either alleviate the feelings or to distract yourself from them and provide comfort. Getting meals delivered that are constant and provide individuals with pre-chosen portions can help provide a structure that individuals can operate in instead of having an open variety of options and higher temptation to overeat or choose to indulge in eating due to emotions.

Binge eating is another form of disordered eating where individuals will consume a large amount of food in a very short period of time. Binge eating disorder affects 3.5% of women and 2% of men nationally. People who binge eat do this on a regular basis and do not feel that they can control themselves when these episodes to occur. People who binge eat may also experience difficulty sleeping, stress, and depression, and risk the potential of their binge eating causing weight gain in the short term and serious health problems in the long term. It can also cause lowered self esteem because of poor body image, and shame because of hiding the issue, something common for binge eaters. The food being binge eaten can be unhealthy or healthy; thus sufferers may feel scared of being blamed for a 'lack of control' because what they eat may be processed or unhealthy food. That is another way that diet plans and delivered nutritionally balanced meals can help with binge eating by providing a framework for eating and a set schedule that is more structured than eating when the urge strikes.

Bulimia is another form of disordered eating where an individual desperately does not want to gain weight or be fat. As someone who has struggled with bulimia nervosa, this eating disorder comes with an intense desire to be thin and at the "perfect weight" far more than it does with wanting to purge. That was just the method to avoid gaining weight and constantly drive towards my goal and an idealized form of myself and my body. I eventually overcame it, but no matter what type of eating disorder you have, not eating or eating too much, it can be an intense reaction to stress and a way to feel in control. My body image was terrible, but I wasn't doing great either. It can be a comfort to someone struggling with this disorder to know that at least when they do eat, the food is healthy and not high calorie or making them gain weight, so the anxiety about eating is not as great. That is huge progress in a bulimic's personal world, where gaining weight is feared and food is the enemy.

Nutrisystem and Bistro MD Offer Healthy Meals

Eating disorders are a reality for many adults, but they are also a pressing reality for many adolescents. Women and men are especially susceptible to developing poor body image and eating disorders at a young age. If you have an unhealthy relationship with food or know someone who does, joining a meal delivery program like Nutrisystem or Bistro MD can help. These companies are reputable and deliver meals through a structured program that sends you meals that are nutritionally balanced and healthy

Nutrisystem offers over 150 meals that are healthy and actually have helped people to lose weight while still maintaining a healthy life. With a Nutrisystem discount code (see below) you can join the program for as little as $9/day. Their meals are portion controlled, never too much or too little, to give you the right amount of nutrition and calories. These meals are designed to give you balanced nutrition and keep you strong. With six small meals a day, your metabolism will be going strong and you'll never feel too full or too hungry. Choose from Women's or Men's meal plans and feel good about yourself, your body, and your health with foods that are high protein, low fat, low sodium, and include 25-35 grams of fiber daily with low-glycemic carbs that stabilize blood sugar and over one hundred preservative-free foods, all designed by experts and dieticians

Likewise, BistroMD offers diet meals that are designed to promote a healthy body and weight loss for those who are overweight. Bistro lets you select your own meal plan for 7 days of meals, so you still feel in control, while offering subscribers the chance to enjoy meals that are nutritionally balanced but still support a healthy figure. Bistro MD customers also receive support from experts and lets you customize your meal plans using My BistroMD. There are also Women's and Men's plans available to provide you with your optimal nutritional and caloric levels as well as Gluten Free options. Each meal comes fully cooked and frozen, using fresh and natural ingredients that have no trans fat and are ready to eat when microwaved

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If you want to learn new, healthier eating habits, it's worth looking at this reference to Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and BistroMD.