Welcome to EDAP, my little corner on the web, where I feature weight loss programs I trust.

I'm Martha, and I used to suffer from bulimia. At high school I developed an obsession about my body image, and I always wanted to lose weight.  I had a distorted image about my body, and this lead me paradoxically to have bouts of overeating which were followed by purging. Did you know that bulimia leads to weight gain? People who have bulimia usually have slower metabolism. Also, while they may vomit the food they eat, a number of calories do get absorbed. And recent studies prove that particularly in bulimics absorption occurs much faster. So, while my obsession was to lose weight, I actually gained weight.

Two programs that helped me restore a healthy relationship with food are BistroMD and Nutrisystem, so I highly recommend them. When I joined BistroMD, I thought that it would be like being on a diet. I couldn't be more wrong. Not only did I enjoy every single meal that arrived at my home, I kept losing weight every week, and felt more vibrant and energetic. I did receive help from a psychotherapist. But Bistro MD, with their nutritionally balanced meals, did make a difference in my treatment.

If you suffer from an eating disorder, emotional eating, binge eating, or bulimia, and you have a success story to tell, contact me at MarthaXDavenport@yahoo.com and I will be happy to feature your story.