Five Things to Expect After Losing 100 Pounds

Believe it or not, several people who joined Nutrisystem lost 100+ pounds. One of them is Tricia. Tricia's inspiring story is based on the fact that she managed to stick to the Nutrisystem plan. All those who have followed this meal delivery diet have seen great results.

Tricia is sharing with us 5 things she had to deal with after losing 100 lbs. Here is Tricia:

1. You'll have to replace your entire wardrobe

When I signed up to the Nutrisystem program, I expected that if I lost weight, I may have to purchase a few new clothing items such as jeans, skirts and shirts. However, I hadn't expected that I'd need to replace my entire wardrobe include underwear and shoes. Yes, shoes! After losing 100 pounds on the Nutrisystem program, I found that my shoes were a size too big. So, number one thing when you lose weight is to know how to deal with your wardrobe woes.

2. Although you'll be slimmer, your body shape will remain the same

At my heaviest, I imagined that once I reached my goal weight I'd have attained the perfect hourglass bikini body. Whilst, I'm proud of my toned stomach and healthy body and rock a bikini during summer, I still don't have an hourglass figure. It's important to remember that everyone has a predetermined body shape and regardless of how much weight you lose, you can't change your build.

3. Your hands and feet will change in appearance

When I was overweight my favorite feature was my soft hands. After dropping the excess weight, it took awhile to adjust to the changes in my feet and hands. All of a sudden I could see the bones, tendons and veins in my hands and feet. In hindsight, I'd describe my hands and feet as an overweight woman as looking plump and childlike, whilst my hands and feet at my current weight, look like adults hands and feet.

4. The way you see the "old" you will change

I never truly realized how overweight I was at my heaviest, until I lost 100 pounds and took a look at my old photos. I had no idea that my cheeks were so chubby or that I was twice the size of most of my friends. Now I know what my body looks like at my target weight, there's no way that I'll allow myself to balloon out to my old size.

5. You'll suffer from fewer headaches and migraines

Prior to losing weight with the Nutrisystem program I'd suffer from severe migraines, on a weekly basis. In fact, my migraines were so debilitating that I'd often have to take days off work. After losing 100 pounds, I no longer suffer from mind numbing headaches or migraines.

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