How Cory lost 30 pounds on Nutrisystem

If you're sick of signing up to weight loss programs, that don't work, then continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the Nutrisystem program. An innovative portion controlled meal program which helped me lose 100 pounds and has helped countless individuals lose over 200 pounds!

How Cory lost 30 pounds on Nutrisystem

Singer, songwriter Cory struggled with her weight as a young girl and was mortified when she had to buy size 14 jeans from the husky boys department; Jeans that were loose on her stepfather. However as an adult Cory managed to maintain a healthy weight, until she gave birth to her second daughter Genevieve. No matter how many diets she tried, Cory couldn't get rid of the extra weight she'd piled on.

After realizing that her weight was holding her back from being able to perform on stage confidently, Cory signed up to the Nutrisystem program. Although she was skeptical that she'd be able to lose the pounds which she'd be trying in vain to shed, Cory found that the pounds melted off. In fact, within a few months of signing up to the Nutrisystem program Cory had lost a total of 30 pounds and found herself in the best shape of her life.

If you're looking to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off in the long term, you may be interested in the Nutrisystem program as Nutrisystem takes the guess work out of dieting and meal preparation. Whilst, most weight loss programs simply offer low fat recipes, should you sign up to Nutrisystem you'll be delivered balanced, portion controlled meals. So you'll be far less tempted to purchase fattening takeaways after a long day at work, as you'll have a variety of healthy meals prepared.

The only challenge you'll face in opting to sign up for a meal delivery weight loss program, is that it will take 4-10 days for each order to arrive on your doorstep. So it's crucial to reorder adequate supplies before you run out of meals. However, ordering nutrisystem meals is a breeze and only take a few clicks of your mouse.

If you're slightly concerned that you'll be made to eat tasteless, bland food, fear not! When I signed up to the Nutrisystem program, I thought I'd be limited to rabbit food, however on the Nutrisystem program you'll be able to enjoy a variety of delicious foods such as pancakes, cookies, pasta, fajitas and burgers.

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