How to Eat More and Lose Weight

Hello, I'm Dr. Caroline Cederquist, founding physician of BistroMD. So many people ask me: "How is it possible to lose weight with eating more than I'm used to... Don't I have to starve to lose weight?"

So let me take a moment to explain. Giving your body enough of what needs; lean protein, healthy vegetables, vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats and some complex carbs while minimizing what we don't need like harmful fats and sugar is the key to losing fat and preserving our muscle tissue and metabolism. So many of my patients enter my practice having starved themselves to lose weight, only to experience that they are not losing weight, they are gaining. The vast majority of my patients have metabolism dysfunction, meaning that their cells are starving because energy is not able to properly enter the cell and instead this available energy that can't enter the cell is stored as fat.

We have to correct this metabolism dysfunction with the proper action plan which includes a meal plan with the regular intake of lean protein and a controlled amount of healthy carbohydrates and fats. A starving organism will just further slow itself down and store more fat. It is key not to just eat more, but rather eat correct foods in correct amounts for metabolism correction. "I am not used to eating all this food" is a common comment I hear from my patients when they start our program. And, from newbies to MD clients, starving is what most people's experience of weight loss has been. Starving works short term, but not long term. And it feels awful. It is so great to experience metabolism correction and feeling full while losing weight.

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More information:

Graduated from the University of Miami, Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist is a board certified physician. Her specialization area is nutrition and metabolism which is directed towards weight loss. In line with that, she has founded BistroMD in 2005 to provide healthy meal plans focusing on weight loss. According to Dr. Cederquist, the key to a healthy and successful diet lies in eating enough of what is needed by your body, rather than starving to lose weight. She has also become a famous media figure who is able to reach many people suffering from metabolism dysfunction due to incorrect diets. The aim of her meal plans includes the correction of these dysfunctions, leading to a healthier body.