It's Possible to Lose Over 200lbs on Nutrisystem

Whilst some weight loss programs are targeted at individuals who have less than 100 pounds to drop, it's certainly possible to lose 200 pound on the Nutrisystem Program.

How you can lose 200 pounds or more, with the Nurtisystem Program:

If you need a little inspiration, you may motivated by the story of Arya Farzin, a college student who weighed in at a staggering 365 pounds. Due to his excess weight Arya, suffered from a variety of health issues such as sleep apnea and struggled to walk up a flight of stairs without his heart beating out of control. Within two years of signing up to the Nutrisystem Program and incorporating regular workouts into his lifestyle, Arya reached his target weight of 165 pounds. Of course, when you lose so much weight, your whole life changes, and there are some practical challenges you should expect to face, like having to buy a whole new wardrobe, including shoes!

Now, this story happened in  2009. Since then Nutrisystem has improved a lot in all aspects. The food is tastier, the support is better, and the company's 30+ year experience, that is reflected in their award winning weight loss product, is available to anybody for less than $10/day.

If you're wondering how individuals can achieve such phenomenal results with the Nutrisystem Program, it's simple. The Nutrisystem program takes the guesswork out of meal preparation as you'll be consuming balanced, portion controlled meals which are full of the nutrients your body needs to thrive. As an added bonus, you'll notice that you'll have far more energy to work out on the Nutrisystem program, than if you were to continue eating the foods you eat now.

Better yet the Nurtisystem program can be customized to your unique metabolism. All you have to do in order to create your own customized, fat burning, meal plan is to fill out a questionnaire, which will ask you a series of questions about your lifestyle, your body, your likes and your dislikes. So rest assured that you won't have to sustain yourself on meals of brussel sprouts and lettuce.

So if you're serious about making a long term lifestyle change and are determined to reach your ideal weight, it's well worth signing up to the Nurtisystem program and giving yourself a new lease on life.