Marilyn Chivetta Lost 129lb with BistroMD - My Thoughts

"Just losing 5 pounds is hard... Losing 129 pounds? It's phenomenal!"

Marilyn Chivetta talked about how losing weight has transformed her life and boosted her confidence; and she was able to achieve that with BistroMD. I was curious to learn more about the program she joined and what it is about, so I did a little research about it and here's what I found out.

BistroMD is a customized, weight loss meal delivery diet plan that you order online based on what kind of results you want and which entrees suit your palate. They deliver your week's diet food - all cooked and frozen. While some people would question this, here are my thoughts about it:

Losing weight is never easy. It takes a lot of control and discipline. I once gained a lot of pounds due to work stress in just 2 years. At first, I didn't notice how my body was gaining too much weight until I saw pictures of my old self and saw how thin I was back then. I didn't want to pressure myself into losing weight right away; my process was slow but it worked for me. And that's BistroMD does. It doesn't make you feel deprived of your favorite foods. Instead, through the big variety of entrees they have you get to enjoy food more than you did when you were not dieting. In addition, you lose weight slowly and steadily at 1-2 lbs a week.

Aside from exercising, a proper and well-balanced diet is also needed. You can't simply do hours of exercise yet eat the same big servings of unhealthy food. I think this is how BistroMD helped Marilyn - by providing her with an amount of food for the entire week that is delicious yet totally healthy. This might have played a huge factor on her weight loss, and I won't question that. The lean protein, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals you get from the food you eat can help, and even speed up, your entire weight loss plan.

Indeed, losing weight is never an easy feat. But if, like Marilyn, you feel like receiving help through a proven meal delivery diet program would be more effective than attempting to lose weight on your own, and if you are starting to lose your confidence and don't feel like yourself, then try BistroMD. And once you are done with the program, in order to keep the weight off just  remember to exercise, choose the right kind of food, and stick to the plan. Just like Marilyn and I, you can slowly (but surely) trim down your weight and this can help you gain back your self-esteem.